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The Professional Career Coach Program is designed to offer the individual training necessary to move confidently within the world as an entrepreneur. This program provides skills to understand the strengths he/she possesses internally and how to work with other professionals to enhance the workplace and world for everyone.

Module Subject Clock Hours

BIZ225 Marketing Principles and Practices 40

BIZ250 Internet Technologies for Business 40

BIZ300 Interpersonal Communication Skills 40

BIZ310 Leadership and Management 40

BIZ330 Career Coaching 40

Total Clock Hours 200

CERTIFICATE OF MASTERY: American Heritage College awards the Certificate of Mastery as a Professional Career Coach to students who successfully complete all required courses.

PROGRAM PREREQUISITES: Bachelor’s Degree or Higher


BIZ225 Marketing Principles and Practices: Study the fundamental marketing concepts at work in today’s business environment. Explore the most relevant areas of consumer marketing, including situation analysis, the development of marketing objectives and strategies, the marketing mix, research, target marketing and segmentation, product development, as well as forecasting and budgeting. Discuss marketing language, retailing, wholesaling, promotion, and advertising functions, examine their interplay and timing, and learn how they propel a business. Consider the role of the consumer, changing lifestyles, current developments in the global market, and laws that affect marketing. This course features case studies and guest speakers.

BIZ250 Internet Technologies for Business: Online technologies provide opportunities to manage businesses more cost effectively and solve business problems more efficiently. This course introduces managers to the full range of Internet technologies and their impact on business. Understand how to conduct commerce, provide content, create communities, work collaboratively, train employees, and manage workers remotely—all online. Become familiar with online security issues and learn to analyze the costs and benefits of implementing online solutions.

BIZ300 Interpersonal Communication Skills: Learn specific strategies and techniques to improve your effectiveness when communicating with others. Develop an awareness of your own communication patterns and those around you. These methods can enhance your ability to build and strengthen both professional and personal relationships. Examine how to create a rapport with anyone, gain trust quickly, apply key nonverbal communication concepts and strategies that empower others to make decisions on their own, and achieve a peak mental and emotional state.

BIZ310 Leadership and Management: Managers who excel are not only skilled at managing others; they are also exceptional leaders. Examine the difference between management and leadership skills and learn to recognize which to use in different situations. In this interactive seminar, participants compare and contrast management and leadership, examine five fundamental practices of exemplary leadership, and discover a natural approach to leadership that works for them. Develop a personal action plan based on your strengths, and explore techniques to develop leadership skills in others. Benefit from a combination of lectures, learning assessment exercises, small-group interaction, and case studies.

BIZ330 Career Coaching: A Professional Career Coach is an educated professional that uses his/her experiences and knowledge to provide an advancement pathway for students, educators, businesses, and job seekers globally. In this course, participants will learn the importance of sharing his/her knowledge and/or experience that he/she is passionate about sharing with others. Participants will learn how to teach others to develop connections with other intelligent and experienced persons that he/she is willing to promote for the sake of employment. Finally, he/she will be given guidance and support to leverage the understanding that learning and knowledge is meant for everyone’s benefit and how to support clients based on this new knowledge.

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LaTara Harris

LaTara Harris is a passionate professional. She exudes excellence, kindness and charity. She enjoys serving others. She is originally from Gary, IN. LaTara has a very diverse background. She received her Bachelors in Journalism from Indiana University and decided to take the world by storm. LaTara has contributed for various magazines and organizations. She has also cohost a radio show before. She then decided to pursue her Masters. She attended Lewis University and received a Master’s in Organizational Leadership. During her time at Lewis she discovered Coaching and was able to be trained through their accredited Coach training program through the International Coaching Federation. In 2016, LaTara became the first within her family to receive a Master’s Degree. LaTara still resides in Indiana, where she currently works as a Case Manager working for the State. She is also an Executive and Professional Life Coach. In both areas of expertise, her duties consist of helping people realize their potential, create goals and/or action steps in achieving them and live them out loud.

Ariadna Mayoral

Ariadna is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) and entrepreneur with extensive international experience. After spending the first half of her career working for shipping companies in the field of CSR and sustainable development, her urge to explore and her passion for travel led her to spend 6 years as an Officer on board British ships.

Besides recruitment and talent engagement strategies, Ariadna provides support in the wellbeing & self-leadership of individuals and organizations. She is also the founder of Sea Wellbeing, a start-up whose mission is to enhance the personal and working lives of seafarers.

Ariadna has an innate talent for exploration and has always stood out for her traveling passion and for getting involved in multicultural environments.

Marianne Karam

My name is Marianne Karam. I acquired my Bachelor of Arts in Education and Liberal Studies from Emmanuel College in Boston, Massachusetts in 2006. In 2008, I decided to obtain my CELTA from the University of Cambridge to teach English as a second language to adults. It was not until 2011, when I earned my Master of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Social and Emotional Intelligence from the State University of New York that I truly began my journey as a Career Coach. I decided to further develop my educational background as a Coach and earned my Social and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Assessor certificates from Six Seconds in California.

My professional experiences include teaching English as a second language and career coaching in Beirut Lebanon, Muscat, Oman, and Dubai, UAE. On the side, I have written two books; Loud Silence and My Lebanon #nofilter. I have also had three art exhibitions in Oman and Lebanon: Led by a Child, World Unity in Abstract, and Organized Chaos.

Being a Career Coach is where I found my passion, my most natural state. Watching and helping students and clients pave their way to develop their career and personal lives successfully, gives me the most satisfaction. Equipping students with the necessary social and emotional skills needed to make it in an ever-changing, fast-paced world to become the best versions of themselves, is the biggest accomplishment for me.