American Heritage College offers the following training programs:

  1. AESL Program

  2. 10 Week Mastery Certification Programs

  3. Corporate Trainings

  4. Executive Development

  5. Professional Knowledge Broker Bootcamp

  6. Professional Career Coach Bootcamp

  7. Career Launch Programs

The Corporate Training Program offers tailored pathways and competency training for skilling, up-skilling or re-skilling employees. For more information Click Here

Executive Development is available through the American Heritage College C-Suite and Board Training ED Programs. For more information Click Here

10-Week Program Pathways

American Heritage College currently offers 10-Week programs for individual students and companies.

Program Pathways 2020-2021 | Clock Hours

Agile Management Professional* - 200

Certificate in Business Management - 200

Certificate in Human Resources - 200

ESL - 72 Hour Course

ESL Beginner - 360

ESL Intermediate - 360

ESL Advanced - 360

Medical Office Management* - 200

Project Management Training Program* - 200

Virtualization and Cloud Computing* - 200

* Agile Management Professional, Medical Office Management, Project Management Training Program, and Virtualization and Cloud Computing require a minimum of an Associate’s Degree and 5 years of practical work experience.

The college does offer specialized courses that are not listed in the catalog. The courses that are not listed require the following to be considered for enrollment:

  • Associates Degree and 5 years of practical work experience, or

  • Bachelor’s Degree and 3 years of practical work experience

For a list of specialized programs or to discuss your options, please Contact Us.


American Heritage College supports the idea of sharing knowledge with the world. Our Professional Knowledge Brokers host Bootcamps to share said knowledge on different topics with others. Bootcamp sessions completed independently are free to anyone who wishes to watch and participate in the sessions. If someone wishes to receive a Certificate of Attendance he/she can pay a fee of $99, participate in 20 hours of Total Bootcamps offered, and submit assignments related to the Bootcamps!

For more info Click Here

The Career Launch Program is a way to connect with a Career Coach and job opportunities. Allow our specialists to assist you with career coaching and career placement. Enroll Today and you pay after you are employed!! Low Cost, no hassle and transparent. The best part is our Professional Career Coaches and Professional Knowledge Brokers know exactly how to provide you elevated training and quality service.

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