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I've always known that I wanted to be a teacher. I did my research and quickly came to realize that American Heritage College was the right choice for me. It has a great reputation and will provide me with the tools I need, to be a great teacher.

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At American Heritage College our faculty members are at the heart of our college. We are proud to have elite professional educators that have demonstrated their passion, experience, and dedication to our students and employers that we serve. We look for faculty who are excited and passionate about training and making a difference in people’s lives.

Normally, faculty at American Heritage College hold an advanced or a professional degree. We required our faculty to hold a minimum of 3 years teaching experience or at least worked 7 years in the industry. Again, our faculty’s passion is the biggest asset that they can bring. Love for education is a must!

There are two ways students are able to take any of our courses: online or on-site.

Faculty members are also able to choose whether to teach online, on-site, or both. Participating in an online course will resemble the on-site class in every way, except you will be broadcasted to your students virtually. The need for traveling to and from the location is no longer required.

The other method of teaching is on-site, which is the traditional way of delivery. Allowing the faculty member to provide face to face training for the students.