Business Management: Entrepreneurship
This course introduces students to the opportunities and challenges associated with the creation and management of entrepreneurial projects and small organizations. This course discusses innovative and contemporary approaches in addressing areas such as: starting a business, acquiring a business, succeeding in business, and franchising a small business venture. The course also provides the foundation for small business and an overview of business concepts, including topics such as: theories of entrepreneurship, types and characteristics of entrepreneurship, the business life cycle, entrepreneurial economics, accounting and financial management, legal issues, marketing research and planning, human resource management, ethics and social responsibility, product and service research development and acquisition, and the use of technology. The certificate in business management with emphasis in “Entrepreneurship ” at American Heritage College gives you the skills and training necessary to take your career to the next level and be ready to lunch or improve your business. The Certificate is designed to offer the individual training necessary to advance confidently in a business environment. This course provides, marketing and management skills and business techniques required to get jobs ranging from Sales or Business Manager, Business Management Coordinator or Sales & Marketing professionals. We teach you learn the importance of a confident attitude when interacting with customers. Develop active listening skills to uncover customer needs and head off challenges. Find out how to establish credibility, and communicate your value by focusing on customer-centric solutions. Class immerses students in the marketing application of traditional as well as social media and other newly emerging media channels. Course covers the planning and integration of social media into marketing plans. Students will learn to set objectives, develop social marketing plans, integrate social media into overall marketing and communication plans, measure program results, utilize new media technologies and about the macro-environmental issues affecting social media.

Certificate Of Completion

American Heritage College awards The Certificate in Business Management with emphasis in Entrepreneurship to students who successfully complete the program.

Program Prerequisites

This program require a bachelor degree or associate degree and 3 year related work experience.
International students should pass an English as a Second Language proficiency exam prior to be accepted by American Heritage College.

Course Description

Entrepreneurs will be introduced to  modern management concepts, processes, and techniques practiced today in business, industry, and government. This course examines the basic structure of an organization, its essential managerial functions—planning, organizing, motivating, and directing, controlling, leading—and how they relate to one another.

Marketing Principles and Practices: Study the fundamental marketing concepts at work in today’s business environment. Explore the most relevant areas of consumer marketing, including situation analysis, the development of marketing objectives and strategies, the marketing mix, research, target marketing and segmentation, product development, as well as forecasting and budgeting. Discuss marketing language, retailing, wholesaling, promotion, and advertising functions, examine their interplay and timing, and learn how they propel a business. Consider the role of the consumer, changing lifestyles, current developments in the global market, and laws that affect marketing. This course features case studies and guest speakers.

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance: Learn to analyze methods of financing using internal and external funds. This introduction to corporate finance emphasizes the use of long-term debt, preferred stock, common stock, and convertibles in the financial structure of a corporation. Topics include financial management, corporate growth, business failures, return on investment, risk leverage, the time value of money, dividend policy, debt policy, and leasing.

Internet Technologies for Business: Online technologies provide opportunities to manage businesses more cost effectively and solve business problems more efficiently. This course introduces managers to the full range of Internet technologies and their impact on business. Understand how to conduct commerce, provide content, create communities, work collaboratively, train employees, and manage workers remotely—all online. Become familiar with online security issues and learn to analyze the costs and benefits of implementing online solutions.


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