Once you've made the decision to advance your education, a complicated college admissions process shouldn't stand in your way. At American Heritage College, all it takes is a few simple steps

American Heritage College is open to all individuals with a sincere desire to be trained for a career opportunity. This will be assessed during the prospective student’s personal interview with the admissions representative.

To apply, complete this form to request an interview appointment with an admissions counselor. Your appointment time and date will be confirmed by telephone. The school requires an interview (phone or in person) with each applicant prior to acceptance into any programs.

This gives the applicant an opportunity to ask specific questions relating to the school, the curriculum and the career training being considered. The personal interview also gives the school the opportunity to meet the prospective student and to evaluate their qualifications and aptitude.

International Students

American Heritage College’s English as a Second Language (ESL) certificate program offers English language training for different levels of English speakers, from Beginner to Intermediate.

The college is located in Southern California, with beaches, surfing and the lights of Hollywood nearby. Alternatively, our online course offerings allow students to move through our programs from anywhere in the world.

Non Discrimination Policy

American Heritage College does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, national origin, creed, religion, or disability that would not preclude employment within the selected field.

The ESL program at American Heritage College is available for students who require English language training prior to enrolling in a career program.